How to Say No

It can be hard for a go-getter to find enough time in the day to get everything done. Often, projects for other people pile up, keeping you from taking care of all the little things in your own life. While it is usually satisfying to participate in volunteer work, you may find that you don't have the time right now to commit to any new projects.

The best way to avoid this is to learn to say "No" when you are asked for the umpteenth time to work on that overdue report a colleague forgot, to bake cookies for the entire third grade, or to head the annual rummage sale at your church. It can be hard to say "No," especially if you are dealing with friends or coworkers.

The key is to be truthful, but firm in your response. If you are vague when saying "No," you'll simply run into more problems. People who are seeking your help will not hear you declining. They will simply think you need more persuading. It is crucial to be confident and firm in your response, so that they know you will not change your mind with more pressure.

Read over these well-worded excuses to help you next time you are cornered and pressured to commit to a new project.

"Not at this time, as my calendar is loaded for this month."

"I've had several unexpected things pop up in the past few weeks that I need to take care of first before I take on anything new."

"I've seen you working on similar projects and know that you are actually the best person for the job, not me."

"I don't have strong skills in that area, so I'm certain I wouldn't be of any help to you."

"I have several projects lined up right now. Only when those are finished can I look at adding anything else."

"My time is very divided lately, so adding this on would compound that issue. I'm confident that I would not be able to do my best on this project right now."

"I always hope to offer my best on anything I work on, but with my other duties, I'm not able to offer this to you at this time."

"I'm actively seeking more peace in my life, and this does not allow me to continue with this goal."

"My family is in need of more of my attention right now, so I am putting the brakes on outside projects for a while."

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