Stepping Up Your Food Game at Your Local Ball Park

Have you noticed the change in recent years in the food at ballparks? Peanuts, Cracker Jack, and hot dogs are all still there. But now you are as likely to find sushi, shrimp, and pasta—and you are likely going to be paying more for everything!

From New York to L.A., fans can enjoy great fare such as fresh mozzarella and pork sandwiches at Shea Stadium and Caesar salad and turkey dogs at Edison International Field in Anaheim. At stadiums around the country, fans can enjoy crab cakes, sub sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, and burritos.

Taking it up a step, some ballparks are now catering to the taste of more discriminating diners as well. Keep your eye out for such offerings as buffalo carpaccio, ahi tuna salad, freshly carved roast beef, fish tacos, and lobster rolls. Add a glass of chardonnay, and a fine cigar, and you’ve got a meal that might leave you with better memories than the game.

But be prepared to pay for these luxurious new offerings. A simple hot dog will probably set you back just under five dollars. And the prices only go up from there. Most fans, though, don’t seem to mind the cost. A sampling of ballpark attendees indicates that the most important factor is the taste. “As long as it tastes good, I don’t really pay attention to the cost,” said Alicia Fortunato at Coors Field in Denver.

“If you don’t want to pay these prices, then eat at home,” stated Willy Largo. “This is the world of baseball. It is all part of the experience. I think they’ve done a great job with the food, and I’m enjoying every minute of this.”

So, next time you are at the ballpark, take a moment to see what is new. Bring along a few extra bucks and try something different. You are sure to make your day at the game a little more interesting.

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